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The Ultimate Checklist for Buying a Corrugated Box

Corrugated boxes are used worldwide for many purposes such as packaging, handmade custom gifts for peopleshipping purposes, corrugated pizza boxes, etc. Before buying any corrugated box, you should first be clear with the motive of buying it. For what you’ll be using it for? Once you’re clear with this in your mind, you have to consider just a few factors before buying.

Now for you to know what to find before you opt for buying any box among them which is perfect for you, in this article, I will share with you a complete guide on what you should look for before buying corrugated boxes.

The quality and durability of corrugated boxes depend on major factors such as flute profiles, GSM, composition, and paper type.


Flute Profiles

Different cardboards are created with specific flute profiles depending on their use. It is generally said that larger flute profiles will deliver high strength and composition, while small flute profiles enhance retail packaging structural capabilities.



GSM stands for Gram per square meter which means the amount of ply/material used in making the corrugated box. High content of GSM means higher the bursting capability of that box.


Printing Style

Depending upon the purpose of buying your corrugated box, you’re ready to decide which type of printing can be best for your box. There are digital printing, lithography and flexo, each one having their own use. If the box is for consumer products, then go for digital printing or lithography. Flexo printing can opt for shipping purposes. If you’ve to do it and custom made, then select silkscreen.



As there are three basic dimensions length, width and breadth. Dimensions from inside ensure the proper fitting around the product while the outside dimensions are used in the carrier classifications and differentiate pallet patterns.


What are box certificates?

Box Maker’s certificates are manufacturers’ names with a symbol placed on the outside bottom flaps. The stamp is important even if you’re not serious about it because it tests the box’s strength to withstand external and internal forces, which is known as the Mullen Bursting Test. The next test can measure the amount of force and the compression strength of a box.


You can ask us to make any box certificate depending upon the reason you’re going to buy a corrugated box, such as corrugated pizza boxes, Custom cardboard boxes, corrugated box supplierscardboard box manufacturers etc.




How many types of corrugated boxes are there?

There are four types of corrugated boxes: single-phase, double-wall, and triple wall. All are good, but the Triple wallboard is best among the four types.


Which flute is stronger?

There are two flutes, B and C. The C flute is stronger as it offers greater compression strength (thickness between 3.5mm and 4mm). It has 41 flutes per foot and provides good properties such as cushioning, stacking and printing.


What do you mean by flute?

Flute is the material used in boxes to enhance the strength of the boxes, which can be used in packaging or other purposes. It provides rigidity and helps to withstand any crushing on the box.

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